Established in 2013, the National Youth Tournament Series, (NYTS) is the first national outdoor tournament for youth players. NYTS provides youth players who have not yet reached their 19th birthday as of January 1st, to compete against their peers at qualifier tournaments held across the country. All-Stars are selected by a committee at each qualifier based on their horsemanship, sportsmanship, playing ability at their current handicap and ability to play with a team. Players selected as All-Stars are eligible to be nominated for their Zone team to compete at the NYTS National Championship for the Cecil Smith Cup. The NYTS Season runs from March 1 through the first Monday of August, with the final being held over Labor Day weekend. In 2017, a new, second level East vs. West Challenge will be held during the NYTS Championship for players rated at 0 Goals or below.


Forms and Documents

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